12 reasons to buy this Isuzu D-Max Pickup Truck


Published on May 23rd, 2017 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


12 reasons to buy this Isuzu D-Max Pickup Truck

Is it time to upgrade and ‘up-size’ your daily driver. The special sales and the Hari Raya ‘balik kampung’ offers have started coming up. Let us offer a possibility for you to consider. Here are 12 Reasons Why YOU Should Consider this dressed up Isuzu D-Max Pickup Truck.

Owning a truck is something everyone should enjoy at least once, if not twice, or three times at least. The pickup truck ownership offers a completely different driving experience than anything a compact or even mid sized family car can deliver to its driver.

Gone are the days when trucks had just a front seat, and the ride was bouncy and bumpy. Today you get a smooth ride, roomy back seat enough for 3 adults and four doors. You also get many of the much needed car like cabin features, including power everything and even keyless entry and ignition. So here are out 12 reasons to think about an Isuzu D-Max as you next family vehicle.

  1. A pickup truck offers better visibility where the height of the cabin allows for an enhanced view.  When heading on the highway you’ll be able to see much further ahead than if you were in a sedan.

  1. Fuel consumption is better than you might expect because today’s trucks have diesel engines that incorporate technology that makes them more fuel efficient in city driving conditions and the D-Max has won ‘most fuel efficient pickup truck’ over and over and over. It remains undefeated as the Asian Auto Fuel Efficiency Award trophy holder for a record 6 consecutive times.

  1. Malaysians are getting to love the outdoors and with a truck like the D-Max, you have the luxury of being able to head to the outdoors and going off-road for camping and fishing without worry.

4. The asking prices are hard to beat where prices start from just RM125.342 for the 2.5L diesel, therefore the monthly payment is about the same as the average compact family sedan and you get 4×4 drivetrain and lots of cargo room at the rear.

5. It is great when you have pets like cats and dogs. Man’s best friend can also be a pain when it comes to keeping a car clean. Also some sedans and hatchbacks aren’t tall enough for some dogs. With a pickup truck you will never have to worry again as the rear cargo area can be washed easily.

  1. A moderate-height pickup tuck like the Isuzu D-Max makes ingress and egress much easier for those with a bad back, and that may be all the reason you need to get one.

7. The Isuzu D-Max has been proven to be one of the toughest pick-up trucks in the market, having traversed the heart of Sabah’s interior numerous times over the years in the Borneo Safari off-road challenge.

  1. To keep your belongings safe and dry during your wild off the tarmac escapades, the Isuzu D-Max comes with a water resistant rear deck lockable lid.

  1. The Isuzu D-Max comes with safety features like dual SRS airbags, ABS, EBD and BA with optimum steering control when the brake are applied. The cabin structure comprises of high tensile steel.

  1. Isuzu has equipped the D-Max with hill-start assist and a smooth shifting automatic gearbox for easy in town heavy traffic driving.

  1. Night driving is made better with projector headlamps with daytime running lights.

  1. Warranty for all Isuzu vehicles are as follows. D-Max has a 5-years / 150,000km warranty and the Isuzu mu-X gets a 5-years / Unlimited Mileage warranty. Piece of mind motoring.

Best would be to use BHPetrol Euro5 Diesel for your diesel pickup truck to get the best fuel consumption.

Why BHPetrol Euro5 diesel?  In November 2014, BHPetrol was the first company in Malaysia to offer diesel that meets the much more stringent Euro5 standard. With the availability of this much cleaner ultra-low sulphur fuel, motorists with modern common rail, direct injection diesel engines can now enjoy the full performance and efficiency available from their engines. BHPetrol’s Infiniti Euro5 Diesel is reformulated with the latest German additives specially engineered to restore fuel economy and engine power in common rail, direct injection diesel engines. What‘s more, it’s treated at the maximum dose rate to restore full engine power, outperforming OEMs’ requirements.

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