Is too much technology in cars good?


Published on May 3rd, 2017 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Is too much technology in cars good?

(the car instruments of the future will have this display)

For us the answer is a quick NO, we think too much technology is unnecessary and creates bad drivers, but for the next generation of car buyers, they want even more technology. The next generation is not even interested in vehicle dynamics and accelerating engine sound. The next generation will only enjoy what they see in movies like Fast & Furious and not live it in any way or fashion when on the road.

With cars that can park themselves, infotainment systems with the intuition of a smartphone, and in-car apps that let you do everything from booking movie tickets to recording track laps, the technology in cars keeps getting better every year but at what cost.

Many luxury automakers are breaking ground by providing opportunities for their constantly connected customer base to integrate their smart phones, wearables, GoPro cameras, and more devices and apps into their driving experiences. From future-tech that is still in development to innovations with existing infotainment and safety systems all this cost more money and will at some point need to upgraded, updated and fixed by a computer technician.

(we prefer cabins like this one above here…..stylish, sporty and ready to communicate to the driver)

Resembling computers on wheels, many of the latest vehicles are loaded with sensors, lasers, cameras and crash warning systems that alert drivers to blind spots and impending collisions or when they’re drifting too far out of their lane. If the driver fails to respond, some models assume control and apply the brakes. Other options assist with the parallel parking or maintaining a safe distance between vehicles.

Our counter argument to this is simple. If you can’t drive, park or use the brake in your car, then you are not a driver. Best you just be a passenger in a fully automated car. The increased reliance to Smart Phones and the need to be in communication at all times has produced the ‘bad’ or useless driver.

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