Published on May 12th, 2017 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Why BMW Malaysia has stopped selling NEW diesel cars

We have just learned that BMW Malaysia has pulled out of the diesel race in Malaysia. Once the market leader in diesel car sales, BMW Malaysia has just pulled out all nearly all of their diesel powered vehicles from their product portfolio. News of this was shared with us by a BMW dealer. The only diesel on sale now is the 3 GT Diesel and we assume that this is because there is remaining stock of this diesel BMW in the country.

The reason is simple. B10 diesel introduction in around the corner. Yes, BMW Malaysia has done extensive testing and the results of having B10 diesel powering their cars is very negative. Yes, there will still be Euro5 diesel sold in most fuel stations and BHPetrol has committed in having high quality Euro5 diesel at more than 110 stations nationwide. However, with B10 diesel about to be launched and sold side by side with Euro5 diesel, BMW Malaysia cannot risk having their customers accidentally using B10 diesel in their BMWs and thus incurring after sales and reliability issues.

So what about current BMW diesel powered customers? BMW Malaysia will still honor all warranties and provide full after sales as long as current BMW diesel owners sign a document confirming they will use only Euro5 diesel. Best would be to use BHPetrol Euro5 Diesel.

Why BHPetrol Euro5 diesel?  In November 2014, BHPetrol was the first company in Malaysia to offer diesel that meets the much more stringent Euro5 standard. With the availability of this much cleaner ultra-low sulphur fuel, motorists with modern common rail, direct injection diesel engines can now enjoy the full performance and efficiency available from their engines. BHPetrol’s Infiniti Euro5 Diesel is reformulated with the latest German additives specially engineered to restore fuel economy and engine power in common rail, direct injection diesel engines. What‘s more, it’s treated at the maximum dose rate to restore full engine power, outperforming OEMs’ requirements.

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