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Would You Buy This Chevy SUV If They Sold it Here?

Chevrolet has been pushing in Malaysia for a turnaround. They’ve updated some of their products and increased aftersales quality. Perhaps what they need is a product that the market can’t ignore. Some new SUV that people will want to be seen in. Something like the new Equinox, perhaps.

This SUV comes with an all-new, mass-efficient body structure. The 1.5L turbo engine offers a great balance of fuel efficiency and performance.

Plus it looks pretty good.

The lighter, stiffer and stronger structure pays off for customers in several areas:

  • Safety – The strategic placement of high-strength and ultra-high strength steel in the body structure is the foundation of a robust “safety cage” surrounding passengers. It is complemented with the Equinox’s restraint systems and other standard and available safety features to manage energy in the event of a crash and help protect occupants.

  • Ride and handling – Greatly reducing the need to account for chassis flex in the suspension system’s tuning, the stiffer body structure allowed engineers to focus more on ride comfort and fine-tune ride and handling attributes with greater precision. It also supports hard-mounting the front and rear suspension cradles at six points apiece on the body, further enhancing nimbleness and responsiveness.

  • Quietness and refinement – A stiffer body structure is better at preventing noise and vibrations, for a quieter and smoother ride. By helping to block noise and vibration paths, fewer sound-absorbing and other dissipative materials are required, contributing to the Equinox’s overall weight loss.

  • Fuel economy – Lower weight makes a difference in fuel economy, and the 2018 Equinox delivers EPA ratings of 13.6km/l and 12.3km/l highway, respectively, for the standard 1.5L turbo and 2.0L turbo gas engines (FWD models). The Equinox’s new 1.6L diesel model offers a GM-estimated 17km/l highway fuel efficiency.

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