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Mazda RX-3 Is A Value Retro Japanese Car Today

Of all the pre-RX-7 rotary vehicles Mazda built (930,000 in total globally), the RX-3 was by far the most popular. Of all the RX-3’s built, the coupe version exceeded 50% of total sales – all facts which influenced the design profile of the RX-7.

On race tracks, the RX-3 proved highly competitive from its introduction in 1971. In Japan the RX-3 won the touring car title in ’72, ’73, ’75, ’76 and ’77. In May of 1976 the RX-3 won its 100th Japanese domestic race. To celebrate, Mazda produced commemorative specials (tricked up AP-GT). The RX-3 also won the Japanese Grand Prix in ’72, ’73, ’75, ’76 and ’78.

Locally, the RX-3 did well at the Batu Tiga race circuit and of course on the many illegal street race tracks in Cheras, Puchong and also Federal Highway.

When checking out genuine RX-3, look carefully. Start with the chassis number: the Series 1 ID starts with S102A and the Series 2 with S124A. The 1300 808 ID number starts with STC and the 1600 model with SN3A. As mentioned, the RX-3 was dropped in ’76 however the 808 continued in Series 3 form until 1978.

All MazdaRX-3 fuel tanks are stamped with the letter ‘L’ and carry 60 litres. The regular family owned Mazda 808 has an ‘S’ stamp and holds just 45 litres.

Prices today can hover around RM20,000 for a fully restored car and as low as RM2,000 for a basic rust bucket that runs. Find a good well looked after unit and hold on to it…..its a real retro racer.

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