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Range Rover and Magnum Photos Capture the World’s Greatest Landscapes

Land Rover and acclaimed Magnum photographer Michael Christopher Brown have revealed a set of stunning landscape photos taken from unique vantage points in North America, reached using the refinement and capability of a Range Rover.

In the second of the ‘Ultimate Vistas’ series, Land Rover worked closely with the world-renowned  Magnum Photos agency to showcase some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

The images reflect the variety of backdrops surrounding Portland and Seattle, from the mountainous peaks of volcanoes to dozens of inlets and islands along the coast, and the brightly-coloured Skagit Valley.

Since it created the luxury SUV sector almost half a century ago, Range Rover has achieved more than one million sales and sits at the pinnacle of the Land Rover family. The original Classic model made its debut in 1970 and over four generations the luxury SUV has represented the ultimate in design, desirability and capability.

From behind the wheel of the Range Rover, photographer Michael explored the urban and more remote parts of the Northwest, seeking the best spots from which to shoot beautiful landscapes. Using the unparalleled capability of the luxury SUV, Michael drove through snow at the peak of volcanoes, crossed sand dunes to reach coastal vantage points and climbed rocky hillsides for privileged access to incredible vistas.

The trip started in Portland, Oregon and headed north into Washington State, with the crew climbing the active volcanoes of Mount St Helens, Mount Rainier and Mount Baker. It’s nearly 40 years since Mount St Helens volcano erupted, taking 57 lives and destroying hundreds of square miles of forest, bridges and homes. The volcano has been dormant for ten years, but is still classed as active.


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