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Have a Professional Paint Your Car, But YOU Choose The Paint

It is a good idea to have a professional paint your car because they have the proper tools and experience. Check with friends who have dealt with a painter to find a trustworthy and reliable painter before deciding on a which painter for your vehicle.

Of course, when you visit the recommended paint shop, for almost 99.9% of the time, you take the ‘trusting’ recommendation of the painter on what brand of paint to use……you could try and say you wanted Nippon Paint…..but the painter will have many reasons why you should use ‘brand X’ and he will point out the numerous qualities of ‘brand X’.

Like engine oil (lubricant)….in the old days you listen to your mechanic’s recommendation and accept the suggested lubricant brand for your car. Today most car owners specify the lubricant brand as there is enough information on the Internet to suggest the best possibilities and what suits your car and your needs.

With lubricant… is a simple, lower priced product when compared to paint…..with car paint… is a lot more money and yet the car owner is willing to accept what the painter says and not insist on the best value and brand. This has got to change and it start right here after reading this.

Your vehicle’s paint helps to prevent rust and protects your investment (which you pay for monthly) along with creating an eye catching look while you are heading down the road.

Common Paint Problems

Common paint problems include spotting or discolouration on the vehicle. This can happen when natural contaminants come into contact with your vehicle. Some of these contaminants include: acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, and road tar. Another problem is cracking in your vehicle’s topcoat. The cause of cracking can be excessive thickness of your undercoat, or inadequate flash time after every coat. Chipping is another paint problem that happens frequently. It occurs when stones or rocks damage the paint when driving on the highway.

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