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New BMW Oil Inclusive Program Launched in Malaysia

BMW Group Malaysia have introduced the BMW Oil Inclusive Program for all BMW vehicles which have lapsed in their original service programs. Another first for the Malaysian automotive industry, the new program is also applicable for BMW vehicles without an active service program running currently.

It allows customers to extend the service their vehicles within a set number of years or mileage period, with a choice of 5 Years / 60,000km or 5 Years / 100,000km; whichever comes first.

For example, a BMW 3 Series registered in 2012 would be currently out of its service and warranty program with its current mileage of 70,000km. Purchasing the 5 Years / 100,000km Oil Inclusive Program this year (2017), would allow the owner to continue the Free Scheduled Service program for their BMW vehicle up to year 2022 / 170,000km, whichever comes first.

The program is also flexible as it offers packages that caters to the different driving usage of customers. Below are the package prices according to the vehicle models respectively.

Time / Mileage (years – km)5 years / 60,000 km5 years / 100,000 km
BMW 1 & BMW 2 SeriesRM 2,964RM 3,417
BMW M2RM 4,874RM 5,477
BMW 3 & BMW 4 SeriesRM 3,115RM 3,618
BMW M3 & BMW M4RM 4,874RM 5,477
BMW 5 SeriesRM 3,266RM 3,768
BMW M5RM 6,582RM 7,436
BMW 6 & BMW 7 SeriesRM 3,869RM 4,472
BMW M6RM 6,582RM 7,436
BMW X1RM 3,015RM 3,467
BMW X3 & BMW X4RM 3,115RM 3,618
BMW X5 & BMW X6RM 3,567RM 4,120
BMW X5M &BMW X6MRM 6,481RM 7,336
BMW Z4RM 3,065RM 3,517
BMW I8RM 3,015RM 3,467

The BMW Oil Inclusive Program secures engine oil services where customers can be assured that only BMW genuine oil and original parts would be used during the service intervals at all BMW Authorised Dealers. The program also adds value to their BMW vehicle should the customer decide to sell or trade in the car at any authorised BMW Premium Selection dealerships across the country within the validity of the program.

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