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Remember the Citroen ZX Volcane 3-Door? Where have they all gone?

Here is an idea, try looking for a used 1994 Citroen ZX Volcane 3-door that is still in running condition. It is not going to be easy as I have yet to come across a running unit in the past few years…..yes…a few years.

From a true driver’s point of view, this was one of the best-handling hatchbacks around in its day. This was the first Citroen in a long time to come with a conventionally strut and spring sprung suspension system instead of Citroens legendary liquid hydraulic filled damping therefore there are none of the traditional Citroen worries about complicated mechanics and high maintenance and service bills. Also the ZX was a practical and well-built car for its day. Built on the floorpan of the Peugeot 305, it shared many of the 305’s reliability with common parts to ensure a low cost of production. This resulted in a reasonable selling price and lower maintenance costs as long as you know where to go for parts and labour.

What made the 3-door Volcane stand out from its competitors was its handling which was attributed to the passive rear steer axle which enabled the Volcane to out handle most of its rivals while still offering the kind of ride quality for which Citroën is renowned when using its hydraulic suspension. It came with a 2-liter happy revving engine that pushed out a decent 150ps of power and 183Nm of torque, which bettered the BMW 318i, which was the top car in this class at its launch time some 22-23 years ago.

Finding a decent condition 3 door ZX is going to be time consuming but well worth it as the ZX’s interior space is very good for 4 and 1/2 adults and the rear seat backs fold down on for added cargo space. At its launch the Volcane’s specification was best for its class, with power steering, electric windows, electric sunroof, twin side electric mirrors and 16-inch alloys on low wide rubbers. One area to check is the interior fabric trim especially on the fronts seats edges where wear is common and expensive to reupholster as the sponge and frame tends to give away.

Dashboards are quite sturdy and should be resistant to cracks and rattles unless abused. Check interior electrics, as they are prone to issues and failures. If you are checking available service records, make sure that the cambelts and camshaft end seals were changed every 55,000 kilometers or so. If service records are complete and owner has taken good care, it should show replaced brake dics on front and rear and cables every 60,000 kilometers or so and possibly even door handles as they are prone to metal fatigue after 8-10 years.

Asking price today? Hard to say as it is very rare but we will say about RM8,000 – RM12,000 for a running decent condition unit.

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