Published on August 13th, 2017 | by Subhash Nair


This Stunning Looking Vehicle is a DAIHATSU

The Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show had its share of head turning models, for sure. But without a doubt, the one that shocked us the most was the Daihatsu DN F-Sedan. Sure, it was just a concept car and Daihatsu are known for churning out concepts like there’s no tomorrow, but perhaps now things are different.

Toyota have probably by now realised that their Daihatsu subsidiary is able to do what the Scion brand and the Vios model has struggled with Рultra high-volume sales.

If Daihatsu are able to produce a simplified model based on this concept (minus the suicide doors, large rims and a few other bling features), they could easily pass it along to Perodua to fights off B-segment sedans from Japan.

Well, the competitors now have a taste of what Daihatsu’s design team is capable of with Toyota behind them. They still have a few years to prepare as the concept gets taken to the next stage of development.


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