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KL Gateway’s Carpark Is Strange

There’s a new-ish mall in KL called KL Gateway. The carpark there is… let’s say… different. They’ve been giving away free parking with every RM10 spent at selected stores which is nice (and a nice way to keep tenants happy).

If I remember correctly, this promo ended in September but got extended another 3 months.

Anyway, what’s really odd about this car park is the sheer amount of ‘special’ lots there are.

There’s pink for ‘ladies’ parking:

And it’s not just one section. There are ladies parking lots EVERYWHERE, especially the lots near the mall entrance:

But here’s where the car park’s problems start. As responsible drivers, we want to try and follow the rules set. But who’s stopping men from parking their cars in these lots? The management can get away with fining those who park in handicap spots.

But what happens when things go wrong?

Like this BMW F10 driver. Is the F10 an ECO car? How does the management decide on what an ECO car is. Is my sub 1000kg carburetted Japanese classic an ECO car? If I parked next to this guy, who is more likely to be clamped/fined.

What about this commercial van? Doesn’t look like an ECO car to me. But at the rate EEV status is being granted to cars now, who knows.

And what about these Car Pool lots. If I drive my family over, does that qualify? Honestly who checks these things?

We’re sure all this was done with the best of intentions. But without any punishment, reward, incentive, pressure or campaign, it just seems like it’s half thought out. What if instead of free parking for shopping, you get free parking if you drive a hybrid? That too me is a lot more direct and effective.

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