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What’s the Best Pickup Truck in Malaysia? RM120k-130k Comparo

Pickup trucks today are very well equipped and many Malaysian drivers end up buying them to use as everyday vehicles, replacing or complementing the sedans and hatchbacks they would normally drive.

There are many reasons for this trend. From the government, lower import taxes on commercial vehicles like pickups leading to lower final prices. From the consumers, demand for high-riding, tough vehicles to overcome local driving conditions. From the manufacturers, high-tech equipment, good refinement and ease of driving.

So we thought we’d round up the best pickups between RM120K-130K to see what each excelled at. Keep in mind, this not an exhaustive list of features, just some of the standout things that each truck excelled at. In alphabetical order:

Chevrolet Colorado 2.8 High Country

The Colorado offers a class leading 5 year/200,000km warranty. It also has a great power/torque to displacement. You can get a lot more power here with a smaller engine. It is one of the two pickups that feature an electric power steering system, making it easier to drive. It also can warn the driver when the vehicle moves out of its lane or when a collision is imminent. It features an impressive 7-speaker sound system and an 8” infotainment unit. 4 parking sensors for the front, 4 for the rear as well as a reverse camera are present. This means that even though it is slightly longer and wider than all its competitors, it’s still quite easy to park.

Ford Ranger 3.2 WildTrak

The Ranger is a Malaysian favourite. In its Wildtrak form, it has great power and torque figures thanks to its 5-cylinder engine. Refinement is also a major characteristic of the ranger. It too features electric power steering and a similar parking sensor + camera arrangement to the Chevrolet Colorado. But the Ranger takes things up a notch in terms of safety thanks to its Lane Correction and Collission Mitigation technology. It also features 6 airbags. Infotainment and convenience is also a strong selling point of the Ranger. Ford Sync is present on the 8” display, as is a digital instrument cluster, Active Cruise Control and more power sockets than any other pick up.

Isuzu D-Max Z-Prestige 3.0L

The D-Max Z-Prestige is a very compelling package thanks to Isuzu’s reputation and experience with pickup trucks. The company is a major supplier of diesel engine and truck chassis to loads of other brands. But spec-wise, the Z-Prestige model is impressive too. It has LED headlights and LED Daytime Running Lights. Infotainment is provided through an 8” display and a class-leading 8-speaker setup. It also features keyless start, like its Japanese rivals. Its warranty is 5 years.

Mitsubishi Triton 2.4L VGT Adventure X

The Triton features the smallest engine here, but its power is still on par with the other Japanese competitors. This means you don’t lose performance, but the road tax is the lowest in class. The warranty is also class-leading at 5 years/200,000km. The Triton features paddle shifters and loads of convenience features like power adjustable seats for both driver and front passenger. It’s also got telescoping adjustment on the steering wheel and a decent infotainment package. What’s more, the Triton gives you 7 airbags for maximum protection.

Nissan Navara 2.5L VL

At just over RM120,000 the Navara is the most affordable entry here, but it’s no slouch. Road tax is pretty reasonable and without compromising on power either. It has the most advanced gearbox here: a 7-speed automatic. It’s also the only pickup with multi-link rear suspension, which work with zero-g inspired seats for maximum comfort. Like the D-Max, it too has LED projectors and Daytime Running Lights. Overall, this is the one you want for occupant comfort.

Toyota Hilux 2.8G

The Hilux is a pickup with a legendary reputation. It’s the go-to pickup for many, even without having to look at features. Despite that, this Toyota is still packed to the brim. It comes with an integrated dashcam, keyless entry, LED projector headlights, and 7 airbags for maximum protection. Ownership is also great because it has a 5-year warranty and you can have it in 7 colours. Plus, it’s a Toyota Hilux. Two words that stand for great resale value and durability.

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