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Why You Need a Hands-Free Powered Tailgate for your SUV

Life gets easier with the convenience of a hands-free power tailgate. If your hands are full from groceries or if you hate fumbling in your handbag (for the ladies and some men with man-bags) for your SUV keys, this will be a great feature for you. That is why the Renault KOLEOS 4WD variant is equipped with a hands-free power tailgate function for your convenience.

With the hands-free power tailgate, you can open or close the boot by performing a forward/backward movement with your foot under the bumper. Without needing to take the smart key out of your pocket or bag, sensors will open the motorised tailgate automatically, revealing 542 litres of luggage space. Just pull the “Easy break” function that easily folds the rear seats for additional space.

The hands-free power tailgate can also be easily open/close/set the opening height by:

1. Using the Renault smart key by pressing the hands-free power tailgate button.
2. Using the tailgate exterior opening control
3. Using the tailgate interior closing control.
4. Using the dashboard control

To know about the hands-free power tailgate of the Renault KOLEOS 4WD or the power tailgate of the Renault KOLEOS 2WD, please visit or or visit any one of its many showrooms to experience this technology yourself.

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