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Published on November 15th, 2017 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Mazda’s New CX-9 Hits At BMW & Audi

As befitting a premium flagship model of an energised and globally-acclaimed carmaker, the new Mazda CX-9 is a dynamic showcase of engineering innovations and classy human-vehicle interaction, with an outstanding list of safety features – Active, Passive and Proactive – presented in a stunning new body.

The new Mazda CX-9 sets new industry standards for premium space, comfort and features for all occupants.

In the new Mazda CX-9, Mazda has balanced the trend of more and more information available to the driver with a cockpit design that allows timely decision-making without confusion, with minimal eye movement and reduced stress, for complete and intuitive communication between driver and vehicle.

Mazda Connect Integrated Infotainment System offers effortless communication with the world while on the move.

HMI Carefree Control now includes even the driving position, to enhance the Jinba-ittai experience, to ensure careful and enjoyable driving in all situations.

The Mazda CX-9 Skyactiv-G 2.5 Turbo features the world’s first Dynamic Pressure turbo with a 4-3-1 exhaust manifold that delivers instantaneous and linear torque and smooth seamless power. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGT) cooling system reduces combustion temperature, giving both improved efficiency and fuel economy. Maximum power is rated at 17kW/5000 rpm while maximum torque is a phenomenal 420Nm/2000rpm.

Skyactiv-Drive includes i-Active AWD for confident driving on any road and at any time.

Skyactiv-Technology, the adoption of Mazda’s SkyActiv-Vehicle Dynamics vehicle motion control technologies, which includes the innovative and effective G-Vectoring Control (GVC).  GVC is an active safety technology that works harmoniously with the driver. It ensures the vehicle controls its dynamics on an extremely minute level, not capable by drivers themselves, so that driving efficiency is significantly improved. The outcome is seamless, flowing acceleration and cornering like never before.

Skyactiv-Chassis enables a very rigid but lightweight structure that makes possible a luxurious high-performance SUV of the CX-9 size and stature.

Skyactiv-Body with improved NVH for a smoother and quieter ride demanded by a Mazda model of this category.

Both front seats have been improved, with attention to details for the driver’s seat to relieve fatigue and enhance ease of driving. The 3rd row seats also benefited from attention with operability improvements for easy access and passing through for both adults and children.

Mazda’s i-ACTIVSENSE is an umbrella term covering a series of advanced safety technologies which make use of detection devices such as milliwave radars and cameras. They includes active and passive, as well as Proactive Safety technologies that support safe driving by helping the driver to recognize potential hazards, and pre-crash safety technologies which help to avert collisions or reduce their severity in situations where they cannot be avoided.

Mazda’s i-ACTIVSENSE dynamic safety features include:

Adaptive LED Headlights (ALH) which individually controls a number of LEDs to broaden visibility at low speeds, shape the high beam to help avoid dazzling other drivers and raise beam height at highway speeds to extend vision area.

Smart City Brake System (SCBS) monitors the vehicle in front or rear to access the likelihood of a collision. If a high risk is detected it issues visual and audio warnings, and primes the brakes for a faster response. If the driver doesn’t brake, SCBS brakes automatically.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) automatically senses lane marking on the road and alerts driver when it predicts the vehicle is going to unintentionally depart from its lane.

Lane-Keep Assist System (LAS) adds to Lane Departure Warning System by performing minor steering corrections to re-centre the vehicle in its lane upon sensing an unintentional lane departure.

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) helps detect and alert when objects are in your left and right blind spots by activating a door mirror mounted warning light on the relevant side of the vehicle. If you then indicate prior to turning, the warning lights flashes with an audible alert bleep.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) will alert driver when it detects vehicles approaching from either side during reverse operation.

Driver Attention Alert (DAA) reduces accidents caused by inattentiveness due to driver fatigue. The system comes into play at speeds above 65km/h and begins to “learn” the driver’s habits, watching inputs and the vehicle’s movements in the early stages before fatigue becomes a factor.

The Mazda CX-9 has received positive reviews, garnered much accolades and won many awards, including the 2016 World Car of the Year Top Ten Finalist, and Australia 2017 Wheels COTY.

The new Mazda CX-9 Skyactiv-G 2.5L Turbo is available in 2WD and AWD. Selling price for 2WD is RM 281,449.70 and AWD RM 297,349.70 (OTR without insurance). Available in 5 colour choices; Machine Grey*, Snowflake White Pearl*, Deep Crystal Blue, Sonic Silver, and Jet Black. (*Premium Colours)

The exceptional depth and lustre of premium colours are a result Mazda’s evolutionary Takuminuri painting technology, which gives vehicles a precise high-quality finish that looks like it has been hand-sprayed by a master craftsman. The new paint retains a simple three-layer structure comprising clear, translucent and reflective coats. The translucent layer of the new paint features a high chroma colour pigment. The reflective coat features light-absorbing flakes and aluminium flakes that were made in uniform size and horizontally aligned to reflect light.

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