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Published on November 18th, 2017 | by Amirul Mukminin


Petronas Dynamic Diesel Euro with Pro-Drive Promises Smoother Drive and Better Fuel Economy

Petronas Dagangan Berhad (PDB) has officially launched the enhanced Petronas Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 with Pro-Drive, which is a sulphur-free diesel that promises smoother drive and better fuel economy.

This is achieved through Pro-Drive, a combination of reformulated higher quality base diesel from Petronas’ refinery and uniquely formulated chemistries designed for today’s advance common-rail diesel engine.

Pro-Drive is the result of Petronas’ continuous learnings from its partnership with IVECO, an Italian industrial vehicle manufacturing company, to formulate a winning formula for Petronas De Rooy IVECO team competing in the Dakar Rally.

The rally is known to be the world’s toughest and most demanding off-road endurance race and the team’s victory in the 2016 edition is testament to the fuel technology that goes into the Petronas Dynamic Diesel with Pro-Drive.

Based on the lab tests conducted, the new diesel removes deposits and protects injectors thus allowing the fuel to effectively clean the engine, ensuring optimum engine efficiency.

In comparison to other fuels in the market that were tested, results shown that the Dynamic Diesel Euro 5 with Pro-Drive recorded higher cetane number, which helps to improve combustion resulting in smoother drivability, cleaner emission and lower noise. The diesel also has higher heating value, indicating more energy per kilogram fuel to deliver better fuel economy.

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