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11 Interesting Facts About the 2-Door S-Class Variants

The following is brought to you directly from Daimler about their S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet models.

Did you know:

1) in the interior, the S-Class Coupé is one of the quietest series production cars of all? This is confirmed by wind tunnel measurements in which the driver’s ear is simulated by an artificial head, as well as by test drives with trained test subjects. The aeroacoustics experts optimised the exterior form of the Coupé in key areas as early as the design phase. The bodyshell and the door sealing concept, to name but two examples, were configured to further reduce wind noise. The open-top sister model likewise has a high level of acoustic comfort: a three-layer acoustic soft top comes as standard.

2) the S-Class Cabriolet has exceptional torsional stiffness? Innovative solutions such as the luggage compartment bulkhead made of aluminium and magnesium as well as the aluminium rear floor also lower the bodyshell weight to the level of the S-Class Coupé. The standard-fit roll-over protection system behind the rear head restraints not only features pyrotechnic initiation of the actuators for the first time, but in addition the roll bars themselves are moved into position by a gas generator.

3) the adaptive windscreen wiper system MAGIC VISION CONTROL (standard equipment) automatically adapts the washer fluid volume to the ambient conditions or level of soiling? If the soft top of the Cabriolet is open, the volume of washer fluid is also reduced to prevent any spraying into the interior. In every respect MAGIC VISION CONTROL offers the driver the best possible visibility even during wiper movement. The washer fluid is sprayed directly ahead of the wiper blades, and wiped away with no delay. This is done by small nozzles in a distribution rail above the wiper blade. Thanks to targeted distribution, the consumption of washer fluid is reduced by up to 50 percent.

4) the six high-quality fragrances of the AIR-BALANCE package were specially created by a perfumier? The fragrancing can be switched on and off manually, and the intensity can be adjusted. The interior smell of the S-Class is individualised by the fragrancing system. The smell of the interior is not permanently changed as a result of fragrancing, nor are the fragrance molecules deposited on the vehicle’s fabric surfaces or on clothing. The fragrance is discreet and mild, and dissipates rapidly.

5) the switch in the centre console can be used to open and close the soft top of the Cabriolet within around 20 seconds while on the move, up to a speed of 50 km/h? With the electronic key, the soft top can also be opened and closed from outside the vehicle.

6) the S-Class Cabriolet has an intelligently conceived, automatic boot separator? In the boot the soft top is separated from the remaining boot capacity by means of an electrically operated retractable cover which encloses the soft top. This boot separator extends automatically when opening the soft top. This means that the driver does not need to stop in order to operate the boot separator manually, providing for added convenience. The soft top remains closed if the luggage compartment has been so loaded in such a way that there are objects in the area of the boot separator. When the soft top is closed, the boot separator can be retracted by pressing a button in the inner panelling of the boot lid, so as to increase the available luggage space.

7) MAGIC SKY CONTROL (optional equipment) makes it possible to switch the panoramic glass roof of the Coupé to light or dark at the touch of a button? When light, the roof is almost completely transparent and allows an open-air experience, even in the coldest weather. When dark, light transmission, i.e. the proportion of outside light that is allowed through into the interior, falls to less than 1 percent and thus reduces heating-up of the vehicle by up to 10 °C. In addition, it is possible to shade the interior completely by means of a roller blind.

8) the trim elements are commissioned individually for each vehicle, based on the colour and grain, and are therefore unique? The trim with Flowing Lines (optional equipment) is produced by a combination of precision machining and traditional craftsmanship. As part of this, the substrate beneath the fine wood veneer of the three-dimensional trim element is exposed in a special process using a fine milling cutter (with a diameter of 0.8 mm). The individually milled lines follow the shape of the trim, thus reinforcing the three-dimensional effect.

9) two Burmester® sound systems (optional equipment) use Frontbass technology? Woofers integrated into the bodyshell ensure highly impressive bass reproduction.

10) the S-Class Cabriolet has a so-called storm bar soft top? When closing, the required closing forces are generated by moving the tensioning arms beyond the dead centre position – a process known as ‘overcentring’. This avoids the need for any additional closures on the soft top compartment lid, in keeping with the high design quality embodied by the S-Class Cabriolet.

11) convertibles are built for use in the summer, but at Mercedes-Benz Cars they still have to absolve stringent winter tests? These include dependable opening and closing of the soft top in temperatures ranging from -20° to +80°C.


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