Published on December 18th, 2017 | by Subhash Nair


Cars Are Getting Really Huge

With every new generation of a nameplate, manufacturers feel the need to expand the dimensions of their models. Though not always true, this industry-wide phenomenon definitely exists with a lot of popular, mass market models.

To illustrate just how much things have changed over the years, we found a new 3-Series parked next to a much older 5-Series and took a shot.

You’d normally expect the 5-Series to be at least a class larger, but in fact they’re both about the same size. The 5 still has length on its side, but the new 3 is taller, wider

The 1987 5-Series (E34) is:

4720mm long, 1750mm wide and 1420mm tall.

The 2011 3-Series (F30) is:

4624mm long, 1811mm wide and 1429mm tall.

The differences seem really small on paper, but visually, it’s clear how huge cars have gotten just by looking at these cars next to each other.

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