Published on December 18th, 2017 | by Subhash Nair


This Perfect 944 Has Got Me Feeling Anxious

Just last week, I noticed a rare and pristine Porsche 944 parked on my street. At first I thought it was just someone dropping by for a couple of hours. Days went by and the car stood exactly where I first saw it. This has me a little anxious.

The 944 may not be the most respected Porsche out there, what with its inline-four engines and overall tame performance. But it’s still a part of automotive history, and a beautiful looking thing when kept as clean as this.

I spoke to the guy who lived in the house directly in front of the car and he said he had no idea who owned the car. This is bad news.

Generally, any car that gets parked on this particular road ends up being broken into, stolen or abandoned. There are a number of rare cars littering the area, but the only ones that are still in good shape are regularly driven, at least around the block. Let’s hope this 944’s owner finds a proper place for it. The leaves are already starting to find a new home around it.

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