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Will the 320i End Up Holding Value Better Than the 330e?

The 330e is the full-spec, plug-in hybrid BMW 3-Series. BMW Malaysia officially only sells two versions of this 3-Series now – the 330e and the 318i. Both of these are strange powertrains for a BMW.

One is a 3-cylinder, the other is a plug-in hybrid.

Back when this generation was launched and facelifted, there were lots more variants available. You had the 316i, 320d, 320i, 328i, 330i, and 335i. All 4 to 6 cylinder proper BMW engines.

And what’s the one thing our friends and readers ask us when it comes to buying a new 3-Series?

“Do they still sell the 320i?”

It’s pretty clear that people who know the 3-Series know what they want in the car. I’ve tested the 320i, 320d and 330e. They’re all brilliant in their own way, but the 320i’s the best balance and most suited to the character of the 3-Series.

The 330e is high-spec, high-value, but we wonder if after a couple of years, the mid-spec 320i might be worth a lot more in the used market.

This is partially because lithium-ion batteries are expensive, irreparable, limited-lifespan objects. It’s partially because the 320i has a larger boot. It’s partially because the 320i has a better weight balance. It’s partially because the 320i has more than enough power for the average driver. It’s partially because your average BMW workshop should be able to fully service a 320i. But all these partial reasons might come together to influence the final value.

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