Published on February 15th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Ford’s Ranger Wildtrak is still a hot commodity

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is still a hot commodity with buyers looking for versatility as well as functionality that is needed after the tarmac fades away and the muddy terrain appears.

The Ranger comes with a class-leading ability to wade through water up to 80mm deep and with its 230mm of ground clearance, it can handle the most extreme terrains with ease with good incline and departure angles.

A robust electronically controlled transfer case allows Wildtrak drivers to shift from 4×2 to 4×4 high with a knob on the center console while driving the truck. For low-speed torque or additional downhill braking, drivers can also engage low-range 4×4 gearing, while an electronic locking rear differential helps to improve traction in difficult conditions. These off-road strengths are matched by towing capability of up to 3,500 kg and exceptional payload capacity.

The driving experience is further enhanced by an electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) system, which provides precise steering with a natural and confident feel. With EPAS, steering is light and manageable for low-speed manoeuvring, such as parking, and precise at higher speeds with assistance varying as necessary based on speed, steering wheel angle, cornering forces and acceleration or deceleration. By eliminating the power steering pump used in a traditional power-steering system, EPAS also results in a quieter vehicle and improves fuel efficiency by about three percent.

Yes, the Wildtrak is high and wide. Climb inside and its sheer size shrinks around your once you find your ideal driving position. Visibility is good and with the all-round park sensors you should have little issue in the car park. Ignite the 5-cylinder diesel and it is quiet. The cabin insulation is very good. Your handphone will connect to the Ford SYNC2 system and you can immediately enjoy handsfree calls and messaging.

Driving in town is easy and the 6-speed gearbox is smooth. The sheer size intimidates smaller vehicles and its power delivery will inspire you to chase down sport sedans. This 3.2L engine is fast….very fast when you are alone in the truck, so be aware of its torque when pushing fast around a corner. This is not a sports car so the dynamics must be understood when approaching and coming out of highway off-ramp corners. On the highway you can reach illegal speeds easily and coming to a complete stop is delivered very well by the braking system.  As a workhorse the Wildtrak will delivery in spades and the same goes for its family duties as well, just remember it has a very powerful diesel engine.

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