The Lexus LX is a car that sits in a very niche category of luxury. It’s a proper Spo..." />Lexus LX 570 Review: Take Luxury Anywhere


Published on February 13th, 2018 | by Subhash Nair


Lexus LX 570 Review: Take Luxury Anywhere

The Lexus LX is a car that sits in a very niche category of luxury. It’s a proper Sports Utility Vehicle in an age where most SUVs are, rather ironically, confined to the tarmac. Yes, underneath all the fine leather and sculpted surfaces is an uncompromising off-roader, taking much of the rugged framework of a Toyota Land Cruiser, and adding a dash of sophistication.

And that really gives us an indication as to who this car was made for. It’s for those whose business or lifestyle sees them rough roading often, but want a genuine upgrade to the Land Cruiser. Lexus gives us precisely that. Build quality, design and materials on the LX far surpass anything Toyota can muster, yet underneath is the same reliability and ruggedness.


Let’s start with the things we really liked about the LX.


We appreciated the generous amount of kit that Lexus Malaysia has thrown in. It’s not uncommon for fully imported, premium cars to be fully laden, but that doesn’t mean we take that for granted. And because there’s so much top-tier equipment, grey market Land Cruisers look absolutely spartan next to this.


Up front, you get tri-LED headlghts, along with the signature spindle grille and some other Lexus-exclusive accents. Round the back, there’s a split tailgate, with the top half being operable both manually or electronically. What’s really cool is that Lexus managed to make manual operation of this gate feel very natural. There’s none of that stiffness associated with many powered liftgates.


The split gate opens extremely wide, giving users the option to sit out on the tailgate to fish or have a little picnic.


Inside, the boot starts off slightly choked, but room can be made by simply folding up the third row of seats. Rather handily, this is done electronically as well.

The seats fold down into the bench, which then split away from each other. This does limit the width of the resulting boot space, but it’s still a sizeable trunk.


As mentioned, the interior is extremely well put together. Our unit was finished in beige with gloss-finished wood accents. It was a tasteful combination, but if you’re taking this thing into the jungle, we’d suggest a darker trim set.


Nearly every surface is leather-lined and heavily padded. We often speak about soft-touch surfaces, and Lexus has shown a mastery of the craft. Anywhere the body makes contact with the interior is cushioned. And because the vehicle is so large, there’s room for a super wide armrest in the front with a chilled box inside. The lack of weight constraints has allowed Lexus engineers to make the second row of seats adjustable, with electronic slide controls and manual tilting. The climate control here is also second to none. It’s not just the front occupants with dual zone cooling, but the ones at the rear too.


But it’s not perfect. The LX is made as a no-compromise off-roader. That means a lot of what goes on underneath the occupants takes priority. As a result, the floor is really quite high. If you’re travelling with just 4 or 5 adults, this won’t be a problem. But if you intend to really fill all 8 seats, knee clearance may become an issue. We suggest that you bring your entourage along to the showroom before the purchase.


Driving the Lexus LX 570 is an otherworldly experience. That huge 5.7-litre V8 is very eager to rev and gives an eerie sense of locomotion. Putting the foot down in this thing feels like going into warp speed in a freight train. I ended up more worried about how it would stop than excited for how it would get to 100km/h. But the brakes are definitely sufficient for this 2.75 ton behemoth. It does take some getting used to, but it’s clear the engineers have done the math correctly.


When you’re at speed, the LX in Sports mode (there’s even a Sports + mode) can handle itself. Understandably, it still rolls around, but it’s all quite manageable. But, of course, that big engine isn’t there for lap records. It’s there to haul, to get this thing through mud, sand and worse. That’s something we have no doubt it is capable of.

It’s difficult to talk in terms of value for a car with an RM850,000 price tag, but the fact that it has some competition really helps put things in perspective. Its closest rival is the Infiniti QX80. It shares so many traits and trades so many blows, that it ends up being a matter of personal preference (though we have yet to drive the car). What you get from the Infiniti is a lower price tag, more power and torque from a smaller displacement engine, and some negligible equipment and dimension bumps (22” vs 21” rims, for instance). The Lexus does justify its higher price tag by being a newer car, with more goodies inside, having one additional gear ratio (8-speed vs 7) and larger screens which will make a bigger difference when it comes to day-to-day usability.


Even compared to its European rivals like the Mercedes-Benz GLS and the Range Rover, the Lexus LX 570 makes a case for itself, equipment-wise. But we have to concede that those two entries serve a different niche, relying on completely different chassis and engine configurations.

The Lexus brand also implies a kind of longevity that its competitors don’t really enjoy. Yes, the Range Rover has been around for much longer. But the LX’s naturally-aspirated, Japanese built powertrain and platform should give any potential owner less grief over time especially if taken off-roading often.

Lexus LX 570 Specifications

Engine: Naturally-aspirated V8 petrol
Capacity: 5663cc
Gearbox: 8-speed Conventional Automatic
Max power: 362bhp @ 5600rpm
Max torque: 530Nm @ 3200Nm
Top Speed: 210km/h
0-100 km/h: 7.7 seconds
Selling Price: RM850,000.00

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