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Mercedes X-Class with camper option presented

This camper is designed and built by coachbuilder Tischer and features a main sleeping area over the Mercedes X-Class cab, a three-person seating area that converts into a sleeping area, a kitchen with a three-burner stove, and a bathroom with a swivel toilet, fold-away sink, and a shower.

Technically, there is nothing different or special about the Mercedes X-Class pickup in this build. But that’s what’s special. The truck doesn’t need heavy modifications to make the camper work. The lightweight camper package simply slides into the cargo bed and is securely strapped down. Tischer has been making a range of slide-in campers in Germany since the 1970s.

The camper itself looks like a typical slide-in camper, although this one is built for the X-Class’ short bed. The outside features an aerodynamic design, several windows, a folding awning, and the main door on the right wall just behind the truck’s taillight. Tischer can also outfit the camper top with solar panels for recharging the camper’s batteries and running the internal equipment without an external generator. Optional roof racks make room for things like bikes, kayaks, and other storage needs.

While there is only so much room inside the camper, Tischer makes the most of it. The main sleeping area is in the alcove above the truck’s cab and offers room for two adults. The main seating area is just behind the cab and has room for three adults and is easily converted into a bed.

The Tischer camper isn’t just for sleeping, either. It features kitchen with a three-burner gas stove, a full sink, and a refrigerator and freezer unit. Every square inch is used to the max with cabinets offering storage space for kitchenware. Even the skin and stove have lids that can be put in place to extend the counter tops.

The bathroom is an all-in-one unit with a swivel toilet, a fold-away sink, a standing shower, and wall cabinets for storage. The Tischer has tanks for fresh water, gray water, and black water storage.

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