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3 Aspects Subaru XV Owners Will Appreciate

The new Subaru XV was one of the most pleasantly surprising test drives we’ve had in a long time. Now, I know you’re expecting me to go on about symmetrical all-wheel drive and boxer engines.

The standard script would be to harp on about how the drivetrain is balanced and stable, with a low centre of gravity and smooth power delivery.

But those characteristics are not what add value to the drive, at least, not to us. Sure, you can come to appreciate it under certain circumstances, but there are 3 aspects that really make the XV a better crossover than its peers to drive.

The first thing we noticed was just how pliant the suspension was. The moment you set off in the XV, you’ll notice this. Absolutely no harshness gets sent to the cabin. Potholes, speed bumps, surface irregularities – everything just disappears under the Subaru XV’s magic carpet ride quality.

Some argue that the XV is small for an SUV of its price, but they’re actually comparing it to models in a larger category. By right, the XV goes up against the smaller crossovers, with the Forrester being the more traditional SUV contender. With that context, it’s actually longer and wider than its direct competitors by a couple of centimeters. That may not sound like much, but the result is it has one of the widest cabins. Front occupants really have quite a bit of space.

Finally, there’s the way the XV cruises. Thanks to excellent tuning of the transmission and engine, as well as the inherent design characteristics of the boxer engine and CVT, you get some incredible performance on the highway. Cruising at 110km/h, you would normally expect a 2-litre N/A powered crossover weighing 1500kg to drone on and on at higher revs. Instead, what we found was that the engine was turning at just 1600rpm most of the time.

These three aspects, not the handsome looks, not the unique drivetrain, not the decent asking price are what would tip us over the edge. Go test drive the XV for yourself and experience these characteristics.

Subaru XV 2.0i-P Specifications

Engine: Boxer 4-cylinder

Capacity: 1995cc

Gearbox: Lineartronic CVT

Max power: 154hp @  6000rpm

Max torque: 196Nm @ 4000rpm

Selling price: RM125,868

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