A Proton Saga Owners Story………….From Her Perspective


Published on March 14th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


A Proton Saga Owners Story………….From Her Perspective

When it comes to cars, most people treat it as a vehicle that brings them from point A to B or helping them with their daily activities.  However, for Norhaslina Mohd Amin or also known as Leen, she looks at her New Saga a little bit differently. Leen, who works as an Account Executive at Tanjung Pelepas, Johor Bahru, bought the Saga in October 2016.

“I have never owned a Proton car before and the only experience I had with a Proton car was with my father’s Proton Perdana. I drove an old model from other brands, and when I thought of changing to a new car, I wanted a car that is comfortable, stylish and comes at a reasonable price”.

When asked why she chose Proton Saga over other car brands of the same segment in the market, she answered that she was looking for an affordable car but at the same time able to give her the feel of driving a luxury car. Therefore, Proton Saga seemed to be the best answer for her.

“I did make comparisons with other cars before buying the Saga, and I considered the new Saga after looking at the features offered in the car”.

“Compared to the previous model, I like the technology improvement done to this new Saga especially the technology of the reverse camera at the rear view mirror. The bright display especially at night, helps me a lot to guide me to park the car and it is such a perfect car for me”.

As Leen wanted to be more involved in the upkeep of her car, she decided to join the Saga VVT Owner Club (SAVVTOC), one of the official car clubs of PROTON, after purchasing the new Saga. She is now the Secretary of the Club and has gotten involved in many of its activities, and spent a lot of time together with the members to share views and opinions about their cars.

“Since I bought the Saga and joined SAVVTOC, I am so happy because I managed to meet and make new friends from the Saga club. For me, they are not just my friends, but more like my family”.

“The new Saga has a very stylish look for both its interior and exterior design. As I use my Saga for my daily use and also when I do outdoor activities with the club members, the car is so practical, convenient and comfortable,” said Leen.

Just like the other PROTON car clubbers, SAVVTOC was established with the objective to share views and to discuss about everything regarding their new Saga. For Leen, the existence of the group is important to keep one another updated especially because it is a new Saga model by PROTON. They will refer to each other on new things that they discovered in their cars or if there are issues they are not familiar with.

They have also carried out charitable activities all over the country together, with the recent one being in-kind contribution to a Madrasah School in Kedah. SAVVTOC will gather all of its family members from across Malaysia and come out with activities that will involve their cars.

They believe that outdoor activities involving a spirit of “togetherness” like fun drives, convoys and sporting activities will strengthen their friendships, turning them from strangers to a family of Saga owners, through their cars.

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