Published on March 19th, 2018 | by Subhash Nair


After Owning an Accord or Camry, This is a Logical Upgrade

The Accord, Camry, and Teana are all popular cars for many accomplished middle-class Malaysians. These are comfortable and capable cars that Malaysian buyers trust to deliver a slightly upmarket experience for a reasonable price. Ownership costs are low, and resale value is great on these vehicles as a result.

But many Malaysians feel like these cars are a final stop. Cars that cost more tend to be more expensive to own in the long run. These are also cars that come off as flashy or aggressive. Not everybody wants that, but most car owners want an upgrade over what they’ve been driving anyway.

Well, there may be something perfect waiting that you’ve never thought of: an Infiniti. This one – the Q50, to be exact.

Here are some reasons why this should be your next car.

  1. Unlike its closest European rivals, the Q50 is built in Japan and fully imported. This is world-class build-quality. No door alignment issues.
  2. Under the hood is a Mercedes-Benz engine (2-litre turbo) and gearbox (7-speed automatic). This straightforward powertrain means you won’t have major worries once the warranty is over.
  3. Performance is actually impressive. 0-100km/h in just 7.2 seconds!
  4. Direct Adaptive Steering removes any mechanical connection between the steering wheel and tyres. For comfort, this is great – your hands don’t feel the kickback from the surface of the road you’re on. This means less exhaustion on long drives.
  5. Many interior parts are shared with upper-tier Nissan cars. What others see as a lack of exclusivity also stands for wider availability of replacements. Plus, these are parts already well suited to our climate and won’t melt in the sun.
  6. Infiniti falls under the Tan Chong Group (Nissan, Renault, UD Trucks, Foton). Meaning aftersales will likely not be a problem. There may not be Infiniti showrooms in your town, but they’ll likely have you covered as their network through other brands runs deep in Malaysia.
  7. Other premium brands use ‘exclusivity’ as a selling point while selling thousands of cars a year. In truth, there’s really no brand as ‘exclusive’ as Infiniti in Malaysia for the price. Compared to even smaller premium brands here, Infinitis are super rare.
  8. Because demand is low, you (the buyer) are at an advantage. Go into the Infiniti Centre in KL and you’ll likely to get a REALLY good price. The official selling price is RM240,000, but we’ve heard customers walking away with HUGE discounts (think 25%++off).


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