BMW M4 Tuned & Spoilered By MANHART


Published on March 28th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


BMW M4 Tuned & Spoilered By MANHART

MANHART Performance have already revealed their MH4 550, a 550HP conversion based on the BMW M4 F82, a couple of years ago. This time the BMW tuner from Germany has taken the MH4 550 one step further and made it more hardcore and more track focused.

Under the bonnet the new MH4 is quite similar to the old one. The 3.0 Liter S55 Biturbo heart of the BMW M4 gained some additional 119 HP this time due to a software remapping. To guarantee that the MH4 550 gets as much air as possible into its engine MANHART has fitted the MH4 with a carbon air intake system by Eventuri.

The MH4 550 now leads its exhaust gases through a catless downpipe which was built for the export market which not only increase the sound volume by a big margin but also reduce the dynamic pressure in the exhaust system. All these changes under the bonnet let the MH4 550 generate 550 HP and pretty impressive 820 Nm of torque.

The MH4 not only drives like a race car it also sounds like one. Due to a new MANHART muffler and of course some help of the catless downpipe the raspy sound with plenty of crackles makes one doubt that the MH4 is powered by a Turbo engine. Once the driver steps off the throttle the pops and bangs can be well heard over a long distance.

The latest MH4 is not what one can call discreet. It makes no secret of where it belongs, a race track. A newly fitted KW variant 3 coilover suspension lets it sit very low on the ground. But the KW suspension is not only for looks. The MH4 is now stiffer than a base M4 and feels very nimble on its feet. Fast and tight corners are easy to take even for fairly unexperienced drivers due to a very precise steering and the cars immediate reaction.

Exterior wise the latest MANHART creation knows how to draw attention. The all white body colour is adorned by the already known MANHART design. Only this time the familiar stripes are bright red instead of gold. But the run for red doesn’t stop there. The M Performance wheels are powder-coated in just the same red. One probably thinks that red rims and red decals are enough to make a car outstanding. MANHART went one step further again. Both front spoiler and rear diffusor are gloss carbon and come from the M Performance option series as well as the new carbon mirror caps. MANHART ceramic coated exhaust tips fit right into the M Performance diffusor. On the front the standard hood was replaced by one of MANHART‘s own full carbon hoods. Whilst the hood is painted in white, as is the car, the carbon GTR air vents remain fully exposed. The MANHART hood itself is a real eye catcher on its own but why stop when there is more room for customization. On the rear end sits what just nobody can ignore. The same massive carbon rear spoiler which was also fitted on the MH2 630 Track Edition. This time of course with red painted side blades. Massive downforce included.

The interior is no let down either. An equally red roll cage sits where the rear seats once were. Black alcantara partly covers the red metal. The standard seats were replaced by Recaro bucket seats all wrapped in red leather including an imprinted MANHART logo on the headrest. A new M Performance alcantara steering wheel with shift indicators and carbon covers sits now right in the drivers point of view. The obligatory Awron display which we see in almost all MANHART cars by now provides all neccesseary info about the car such as current utilization of horsepowers, oil pressure, boost pressure and so on.

The latest MH4 550 is far away from a standard M4. A full on race look combined with massive performance and great driving capabilities turn a rather ordinary sports coupe into a real track beast!

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