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Interesting Facts About the Mercedes-Benz CLS

The officially press site for Daimler has compiled a list of interesting facts about the CLS. Did you know that…

…for several years, the first CLS generation launched in October 2004 was the only four-door coupé in its class? With the CLS, Mercedes-Benz created a new vehicle class that for the first time combined the elegance and dynamism of a coupé with the comfort and functionality of a saloon. With its intriguing design and refined sportiness, the new generation presented in 2010 also benefitted from the fact that Mercedes-Benz had a one-generation advantage over its competitors in the four-door coupé segment.

…the CLS has several times been an innovation platform for lighting technology? In 2010 the Coupé the was the world’s first series-production car whose all-LED headlamps incorporated all the adaptive light functions of regular xenon systems. And in 2014 it was in the CLS that Mercedes-Benz first used the new MULTIBEAM LED headlamp technology.

…in as early as 2007, the first CLS generation was voted a “Classic of the future” by readers of the German motoring magazine “Motor Klassik”? In 2009 the CLS won this title for the second time in succession. In 2009 more than 16,000 readers took part in this vote, which is held every two years.

…the THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control (optional equipment) works together with navigation system? When the GPS signal recognises a tunnel entrance, the system automatically switches to air recirculation mode. In addition, a sensor for air quality and harmful gases constantly monitors the quality of the outside air being drawn in. if necessary it also switches to air recirculation mode.

…the head-up display (optional equipment) features a light sensor to adjust the brightness? The sensor is located in the area of the upper roof edge. It adjusts the brightness of the display to the ambient light conditions. This also makes it easily legible on sunny days or at night.

…the Active Multicontour Seat package for the driver and front passenger (optional equipment) is recommended by Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR), a German campaign for spinal health? The active multicontour seats with a vehicle dynamics function and ENERGIZING massage function have inflatable air chambers and luxury head restraints to provide maximum seating comfort and lateral support. Eight massage programmes make for a feeling of wellbeing.

…the tiny muscle in the human ear that contracts as a reflex action when a loud noise is perceived is called the stapedius muscle? With PRE-SAFE® Sound, Mercedes-Benz makes use of this natural reflex to prepare the occupants’ ears for the loud noise normally associated with an impending accident, thus protecting the hearing. As accidents can generate impact noises to which some people are very sensitive, PRE‑ SAFE® Sound causes the sound system to emit a brief rushing noise when an impending collision is detected. This can initiate the stapedius reflex.

…a fully electric trailer coupling is available for the CLS? When it is not in use, the trailer coupling can be electrically pivoted below the rear bumper. To hitch up a car trailer or mount a bicycle rack, it is simply swung it out using the electric controls and automatically locked in its operating position. This trailer coupling is also available in combination with the AMG line.

…the VIP function is part of the Burmester® high-end 3D surround sound system? It enables the sound to be optimised for a specific seat that can be selected using the Settings menu. The sound system delivery a sound quality matching that of luxury domestic sound system. Speakers in the roof liner provide a 3D listening experience.

…the CLS is available in more than 180 countries? The variety of language versions for the owner’s manual is correspondingly wide. These include e.g. Indonesian, Vietnamese, two French versions (Europe and South America) and three English versions (Europe/world, USA/Canada and South America).

…customers have a choice of three key variants? The vehicle keys are available in high-gloss black with high-gloss chrome surround and in high-gloss white with a chrome or matt chrome surround. In conjunction with Mercedes me connect there is also the digital vehicle key: Thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, a mobile phone can perform vehicle key functions such as unlocking and locking the vehicle.

…special horns are installed for Asian markets? The “fanfares for Asia” have order code B08 and have no extra cost.

…the power closing function first became available for the CLS? The convenient power closing function ensures a gentle and almost silent closing procedure. After initial engagement, the front and rear doors are drawn into their locks by servo motors.

…a separate boot locking function is optionally available? This function makes it possible to lock the both separately by operating a switch in the glove compartment. When the vehicle is subsequently centrally unlocked using the electronic key, the boot remains locked and cannot be opened from outside.

…at the Sindelfingen plant where the CLS is produced, electric power and steam are generated by an in-house combined heating and power plant? Thanks to cogeneration, 25 % less fuel is required compared to separate generation.

…at 49.8 percent, steel/iron materials account for around half the vehicle weight of the CLS 350 d 4MATIC? These are followed by polymer materials at 19.1 percent (above all materials for the paint finish) and light alloys. Operating fluids (oils, fuel, coolant, refrigerant, brake fluid and washer fluid) account for around 4.1 percent.

…like all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, the CLS was developed in accordance with the stringent requirements for the quality seal of the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF)? The ECARF Seal of Quality is used by ECARF to designate products that have been scientifically tested and proven to be suitable for allergy sufferers. The requirements are extensive: numerous components from each equipment variant of a vehicle have to be tested for inhaled allergens, for example. In addition, the pollen filter is tested for correct functioning in both the new and used condition. In addition, tests are undertaken with human “guinea pigs”.

…a total of 131 components of the CLS, e.g. underfloor panelling and cable ducts, are made from high-quality recycled plastics? These have a total weight of 53 kilograms.

…a recycled material composed of reprocessed starter batteries and bumper panelling is used for the wheel arch linings of the CLS? The objective is to obtain secondary raw materials from vehicle-related waste flows wherever possible, so as to achieve closed loops.

…in the basic model of the CLS, 78 components with a total weight of 30,8 kilograms are made using natural materials? These include established natural materials such as flax and cellulose fibres, wool, cotton and natural rubber, which are used in the interior.

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