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Meet the Next-Gen Benz Wallbox. Will It Be Adapted for the Malaysian Market?

The new-generation Mercedes-Benz wallbox makes the charging of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles even more convenient for the customer: with up to 22 kW, the home charging station is more powerful than ever and makes it possible for the first time, among other things, to control various functions from a smartphone. These include charging control, user management and consumption overview. The new-generation home charging station from Mercedes-Benz also comes in an even more elegant housing design with cable management.

Customers can choose between three versions: the basic Wallbox Home, the internet-capable Wallbox Advanced and the Wallbox Twin for charging two vehicles at the same time.

The attractiveness of electric vehicles is closely linked to the availability of suitable charging options. Whether at home using a wallbox, while shopping, at work or super-fast on the motorway: the options for supplying electric vehicles with energy are highly varied: the majority of charging will take place at home. With a wallbox, this is not just convenient, but also considerably faster than from a domestic wall socket, because the wallbox allows charging with up to 22 kW. The new third-generation plug-in hybrids from Mercedes-Benz, for example, can take a charging rate of 7.2 kW. This means that such a vehicle can be charged up to four times faster with a wallbox than when charging from a domestic wall socket.

Intelligent charging management by RFID

The intelligent Advanced and Twin wallboxes are internet-capable, with a built-in electricity meter and allow access control by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). This makes it possible to manage several vehicles of different users, which is especially attractive for fleets – as well as for office communities or apartment buildings. Thanks to intelligent sharing of the charging power by local load management with up to 14 additional wallboxes, there is no need – even if several wallboxes are installed – for expensive upgrading of the existing house connection. The special thing about the Wallbox Twin: it allows two vehicles (each with 11 kW) to be charged simultaneously from the same wallbox. The Home and Advanced wallboxes will be available from summer 2018, with the Twin variant coming out slightly later in the year.

Everything at a glance: the new Wallbox Web App

The new Wallbox Web App makes it possible for charging control, user management, charging statistics and cost-optimised charging to be adjusted very simply from a smartphone. Also optionally available in Europe is a local billing service for company cars as well as Wallbox Sharing with the partners ABL and

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