Published on June 12th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


3 Reasons Why Modern Cars Catch Fire

This new Mini was on fire along Jalan Kayu in Singapore recently and many were wondering why it was on fire when there was no accident. So why does a modern car suddenly self-combust?

  1. Get your aftermarket accessories from a well known or a reliable dealer/installer. Many car manufacturers in the last 10 years do not recommend aftermarket accessories for a reason. Many such accessories draw electricity or power from the vehicle’s original wiring which is meant for a totally different reason. They might run on a different fuse capacity or just that wiring could be left exposed which could create a spark and then a fire.


  1. The catalytic converters in your modern car emit a lot of heat. This could in-turn start melting plastic body parts like the bumpers or side skirts and can result in a fire. If there is an issue or they are not properly maintained, they could catch fire, causing damage to you and your car. Also…..aftermarket bumpers and body kits may add to the risk because although they look fancy, they might cut down air supply required to keep hot engine parts cool.


  1. Fuel is a very, very flammable substance. If it comes in contact with anything like plastic, metal, rubber or just about anything, the time for disaster can never be quicker. Make sure there are no leaks in the fuel line. Never try squeezing more fuel than what the vehicle can hold.


Modern car engineers put a lot of effort to provide great sound system and in car cabin ambient lighting from the factory and car designers take pride in providing the best aerodynamics for your new car whilst keeping to the shape of your new car. Try and not believe what the aftermarket bodykit, stereo and accessory salesman promises to be a ‘professional job will be done’. I am speaking from experience of being ‘played’ by accessory salespersons.

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