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Honda Malaysia Continues to Emphasize Replacement of Affected Takata Airbag Inflators

Honda Malaysia will be working closely with the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and Road Transport Department (JPJ) as it continues to emphasize the urgency to replace affected Takata airbag inflators. The company said it will render full cooperation to the MOT and JPJ.

Honda Malaysia’s commitment to the safety of its customers remains steadfast and will continue its awareness programme to keep owners and public informed of the Takata airbag replacement activities.

Customers are encouraged to urgently replace their affected Takata front airbag inflators manufactured by Takata Corporation as it may deploy with excessive internal pressure when activated. The airbag inflator casing might rupture which may result in injury or fatality of the driver and passenger.

Honda Malaysia would like to draw attention that the replacement of the affected Takata airbag inflators is FREE OF CHARGE and any cost related to Takata airbag inflators replacement will be borne by Honda Malaysia. The company has 100% stock availability for the driver and passenger front airbag inflators. Vehicle owners can check their vehicles’ product recall status as per below:

a. Visit Honda website at: or

b. Call the Honda toll free number at 1-800-88-2020

c. Visit any Honda authorized dealers

1. Replacement Capacity

The replacement activity can be done at any of the 92 Honda authorized service dealers nationwide. Customers are highly recommended to fix an appointment with Honda authorized service centres to enable priority for replacement activities and avoid delays or setbacks in replacing the Takata airbag inflators.

Honda Malaysia has also made access to replacement activities easier for affected customers with its Mobile Hub at selected shopping malls, Hubs at Honda roadshows as well as at selected Petronas stations.


Replacement activities at the Mobile Hubs in selected shopping malls and selected PETRONAS station hubs do NOT require advance appointment as walk-ins are welcomed at these locations.


Honda Malaysia also has Mobile Teams from Honda authorized dealers who will be operating in selected areas. The associates in the Mobile Teams will be in Honda uniforms and have with them an authorization letter for customers’ convenience in recognizing the team. Customers may request to view their Honda Identification Tag or contact the Honda Toll Free number 1-800-88-2020 for further confirmation when approached by the Mobile Team. The door-to-door Mobile Teams will also make arrangements for replacement activities on-site where necessary for customers who are genuinely unable to go to any nearest dealers or the replacement hubs.

2. Servicing for Parallel Imported Honda Vehicles

Honda Malaysia continues to extend the replacement of Takata airbag inflators to parallel imported Honda vehicles, which were not sold by Honda Malaysia. Owners of parallel imported Honda vehicles are advised to contact Honda authorized dealers to check on the status of their vehicles and if affected, to make arrangements to replace their airbag inflator as soon as possible. Cost of parts and labour for the airbag inflator replacement will be borne by Honda Malaysia and is free of charge to the owners.

Honda Malaysia continues to appeal to owners of Honda vehicles affected by the Takata front airbag inflator product recall to get their vehicles repaired at Honda authorized dealers as soon as possible. The company also urges all Honda vehicle owners to register their vehicles at the nearest dealers so that any necessary information sent out can reach the owners adequately.

As at July 2, 2018, Honda Malaysia has completed more than 228,000 units of Takata driver front airbag inflator which translates to 87% completion ratio. The total number of Takata driver and passenger front airbag inflator replacements completed is at more than 465,000 units or 79% completion ratio.

Honda Malaysia would like to affirm that the current selling line-up of Honda models do not have the same type of Takata airbag inflators as previous models affected in the recall. All current selling Honda models are not affected.

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