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Who Does a RM30,000 Proton Saga Make Sense to?

We’ve taken this little sedan out for a spin before in its full-spec guise but boy is this time different. That version was going for RM44,000 – still relatively affordable, but definitely in an uncomfortable price point for an A-segment sedan.

The reason we decided to take it for a second spin in its cheapest configuration is because… well, it’s finally cheap enough for most people to afford. Thanks to Proton’s limited time promo, the car’s now just over RM30,000.

For that price, it’s difficult to be really fussy about what you get, but trust me, there’s plenty that might irk you. The absence of basic safety equipment like ABS/EBD, had me asking myself what the new Saga could offer that my 27-year old Civic couldn’t.

So that’s the question I sat down and asked myself: what’s the case for the Saga? Should people buy this entry-level model just because it is affordable?

Upgrading from an old clunker

I’d say if you’re running a 25+ year old car that you’ve absolutely no love for, a new Saga will be perfect. If all you need is something reliable with a 5 year warranty to cover potential worries, then a RM30K-odd Saga is almost a no brainer.


Earning side income with Grab

Grab drivers are really feeling the pinch, especially now that Uber is gone. The Saga’s the cheapest new sedan you can buy in Malaysia. During the recent Proton 1-Tank Adventure, we found that the Saga’s capable of some great fuel economy figures when driven with a light foot. In a mix of city, highway and b-road driving, 32 litres of fuel got us more than 600 kilometres. There was still more than 7 litres in the tank, which was really impressive. If your mind is set on making money through Grab, this might be the best new car for the job.

University students 

If you’re buying a car for your child to start off university life, then the Saga also makes a good case for itself. A good ASEAN NCAP safety rating of 4-stars and the ameneties and comfort of a modern car make it a pretty decent choice.

New parents on a tight budget

Again, it has a big boot, space for a small family and good safety features including ISOFIX mounting points. To be honest if you plan to have more than 2 children, it’s going to be a bit of a squeeze.

Proton Saga 1.3 Standard Specifications
Engine: Inline 4 VVT petrol
Capacity: 1332cc
Gearbox: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT Automatic)
Max power: 94hp @ 5750rpm
Max torque: 120Nm @ 4000Nm
Top Speed: 155km/h
0-100 km/h: 13.1 secs

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