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Headlights maintenance, very often forgotten

Headlights provide a clearer view ahead that allows drivers to see in times of low road visibility (like in these pictures). At night, these lights can either produce low beam, which is used when there is oncoming traffic, and high beam, which is suitable on one way roads as it gives a widely distributed light that may blind other drivers.

How your car headlights is aimed, must be checked and adjusted frequently. Misaimed lights are ineffective and cause hazards while driving. Headlights require occasional maintenance as the lens may get cloudy resulting to less illumination of road in times of low visibility. Abrasion to the lenses due to road particles that corrodes with them can lead to small cracks allowing water to get in. This eventually leads to oxidation inside the lamp. Once the reflector inside the lamp is oxidized, it loses its luster, thus, losing its reflective properties. It can also happen when bulbs of higher wattage is used. It can be remedied by using car polishes and sanding can restore the lights’ shine. There are cases, however, wherein complete replacement is necessary. Constant polishing also damages the lens as it strips off the protective coating of the lens, leading to faster deterioration.

The wiring that controls headlights can also crack or snap. This causes the lights not to function at all. The broken wires can be replaced to fix the problem. Another way is by installing a wire harness to be able to get the headlights back into function.

Proper care and maintenance of headlights clears you of many road hazards and can bring you to you, and your car as well, in your destination in once piece.

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