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Published on October 14th, 2018 | by Subhash Nair


I Was Wrong About What I Said About Volkswagen

This is an apology to Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia. But first, a clarification on the events that transpired.

On October the 9th 2018, I published an article entitled “How Much Does a Volkswagen Passat Cost to Maintain after Warranty in Malaysia?” based on my father’s recent experience with his car. It contained the facts of his situation and my own opinion on why the situation may have arisen in the first place.

While I maintain that the facts given to me by my father are true, I will concede that my reporting of the facts and my own conclusions were unfair to Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) and by extension, F.A. Wagen. I was frustrated at the situation my father and other owners found themselves in. I meant no malice but understand now that the statements I made were damaging to the brand. I therefore retract and apologise for my statements that implied anything negative about the company’s products or intentions.

Volkswagen makes, sells and services cars in a way that is reasonable and in line with current business practices in the industry. In fact, VPCM has launched the “Volkswagen Cares” customer loyalty program, which further shows their commitment to aftersales.

An integral part of Volkswagen Cares is Volkswagen Care Plus (VCP), an exclusive program for owners with a vehicle 5-years and older. With a one-time payment of only RM138, VCP member privileges include three 20% service discounts vouchers, 2-year extension of Volkswagen’s Roadside Assistance, and a RM100 merchandise voucher.

Looking at VPCM’s initiatives to take extra care of their aging vehicles, I admit I was completely and utterly wrong about the company. They do know what they are doing and are continuously improving. My mere 3 years in the field, lack of understanding of this industry and emotional state influenced my words, and for that I am truly, irrevocably sorry. If there is anything more I can do to undo any damage done by the article, please, I am open to any solution. I hope VPCM will continue to work and communicate with in a way that is constructive and positive as they have in the past.

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