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New SmartTAG-Compatible TAG Devices From EFKON Themselves

EFKON, the Austrian technology provider behind the SMARTTAG toll collection system, has now launched its own branded infrared TAG device called ‘E-TAG’. EFKON’s ‘E-TAG’ will be available at accessory shops and may later be sold at other outlets, such as petrol stations. ‘E-TAG’ is designed to work perfectly with SMARTTAG-enabled tollbooths, of which there are around 500 in Malaysia.

Readers may notice that compared to the previous slim designed official SMARTTAG infrared TAG device, ‘E-TAG’ looks identical. That’s because the same housing was used. Internally though, some improvements have been made.

Firstly, ‘E-TAG’ resolves the problem with the LCD screen on earlier versions of the slim design. In fact, EFKON claims this uses an enhanced display, though we have yet to compare the two on battery power. Secondly, ‘E-TAG’ uses a a new microprocessor which gives it better reliability and performance. It’s also worth noting that ‘E-TAG’ has the manufacturer’s address and number printed on it on black plastic.


But what about MaxTAG?

‘E-TAG’ is being sold concurrently with another TAG device named ‘MaxTAG’. They are both manufactured by a local company called BASSET SDN BHD, which also handles warranty claims. ‘E-TAG’ and ‘MaxTAG’ are essentially the same device, but sold through different channels. While ‘E-TAG’ is sold through traditional retail means, ‘MaxTAG’ is sold online through LAZADA and 11Street.

With shipping, both ‘E-TAG’ and ‘MaxTAG’ end up costing RM143. Both come with a 1 year warranty, though there’s an option to extend that warranty by an additional 2 years for just RM15 for ‘MaxTAG’.

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