NSX Twins Spotted With Sex Appeal Intact


Published on October 8th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


NSX Twins Spotted With Sex Appeal Intact

What are the chances? Two Honda NSX’s in one location and both in mint original condition. One original 1990’2 NSX and the other a younger Type R model.

Honda shocked the exotic car world when it introduced its NSX in 1990. Honda designers started with the basic exotic car wedge that would remain basically unchanged for its entire life. To back up the styling, the mechanical specifications were right out of a race car.

The NSX featured a super-light all aluminum chassis, body, and suspension, a first for a production car. The suspension was a double wishbone suspension, mounted at both ends on aluminum subframes. And the standard race-inspired V6 engine was mounted midship and featured Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC), six individual coils, and titanium connecting rods. This was the first application of VTEC in any production vehicle.

Honda produced a very limited number of NSX Type R in 1992 for Japan. Major changes include a more aggressive suspension and an extensive weight reduction to 1230 kg from the normal NSX weight of 1350 kg. The NSX type R was very track oriented as it lacked sound deadening, audio, electric windows, and air conditioning in an effort to reduce weight.

Values today have gone up and continues to rise every year just like with air-cooled Porsche’s.

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