Protecting Your Car’s Exterior, Use A Trusted Detailer


Published on October 12th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Protecting Your Car’s Exterior, Use A Trusted Detailer

Did you know that washing your car doesn’t just clean the dirt away, it also protects it from the elements and preserves its paint finish and beauty? Many people are not aware that a car wash removes more than just dirt. A car wash is very important to the protection of their vehicle’s paint through the years. So what should you do and who can you trust to get the job done properly?

There are many car detailers to choose from and they come with many promises. Prices also vary with wide margins as products are sourced from different globally. Japanese, English, American and Chinese made products all promise protection from the elements but in the end it is the application in the Malaysian detailing shop that counts. The person selling you the service has to follow the given product instructions to ensure your car paint is ‘properly’ protected.

Many applicators/detailers/shop owners will cut corners to maximize profits and then charge a full price. This is why we suggest you shop around properly for the most trusted car detailer. We have been using the same detailer (Shine & Shield in Sunway) for 10 years and you should check their credentials online to see all the many happy customers that they have over the years. No complaints and no issue years after application with a strong warranty to back their product and their detailed body protection and interior service.

Please note that automated car washes do not rinse enough dirt off of vehicles before their heavy-duty rotating cloths repeatedly hit every panel at high speed. The power of the rotating brushes can cause unsightly scratches all over your vehicle that can only be removed by professional machine polishing.

A good rinse with a powerful portable car wash machine or a high pressure house rubber hose can go a long way to preserving a car’s exterior.


Between paint sealants and wax, paint sealants provide the best protection. Sealants are hybrid coatings that contain polymers or acrylics designed to provide a barrier between paintwork and the harsh elements. Paint sealants offer reasonable protection that lasts for months and not weeks like wax products.

So keep your car clean as often as possible and do not let the dirt stay long on the paint as it will soon become part of the paint as your car ‘bakes’ under the hot sun daily.


Visit Shine & Shield at No.47, Jalan PJS 11/22, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Subang Jaya, Selangor and speak to the owner about keeping your car looking as new as possible. You can call the owner Raymond Tan at 03-5635 9933 to find out more.


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