Will your car insurance pay for this damage?


Published on October 3rd, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Will your car insurance pay for this damage?

When was the last time you read your car insurance policy? Probably never, just like me. Yes, I have never read my car insurance policy for the simple reason that it is set in stone by highly paid accountants and lawyers and there is really nothing I can do or say to change that. Well, this is not the reason why this article has been written. The reason for this article is to inform and hopefully share with Malaysian ‘insured’ car drivers their insurance coverage in light of the recent extreme weather conditions we have been experiencing.

The evening flash floods the past week in Klang Valley has brought misery to many car owners who have been ‘caught’ in high moving water. Many cars have been submerged or drowned in floods and some others have had trees and heavy debris falling on their cars and causing heavy damage.

Some of these car owners have written and messaged us asking if their car insurance will cover the repair costs and this is why we contacted Malaysia’s biggest and friendliest automotive insurer, Allianz General Insurance Company Malaysia to get the necessary information.

It all starts with “Special Perils” which clearly states,

Then we need to look at ‘what is NOT covered’ by your insurance policy, unless you have requested for coverage and paid ‘extra’ for the coverage.

Finally, we have the details of the ‘events NOT covered’ where item 6 (right at the bottom) clearly states,

So, now that you know this, all that is left is to dig deep into your savings or find a source of borrowing to repair your storm damaged car. I have now read my insurance policy finally.

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