Crashing A Car During A Test Drive


Published on November 1st, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Crashing A Car During A Test Drive

Here is a recent photo of a luxury supercar crash that happened during a customer test drive. Being involved in an accident during a test drive must be everyone’s nightmare, but this nightmare can be cut short if you are dealing with an honest, reputable car dealer. However, there are always a few black sheep’s in any industry who will force you into the purchase of the damaged vehicle because of the lack of insurance coverage on their fleet of vehicles.

As such, when test-driving the vehicle of your choice, the test driver must insist in finding out whether the dealer has purchased insurance coverage for the test-driven car.

Car insurance that covers potential owners in the event of a test-drive accident is the least of what car dealerships can do to protect their own vehicles. Dealerships who attempt to put the onus on potential buyers during a test drive show lack of professionalism, this may reflect bad work ethics or bad management, and you will do well to stay clear of these car dealerships.

Test drives are fun, you get to feel the acceleration of your dream car, listen to the beautiful roar of the V12 engine of the car of your dreams and test out its 0-100km/h acceleration. That is, until you get into a car crash like this during the test drive.

The scenario couldn’t be more embarrassing where one moment you’re chatting with the sales representative about the power of their vehicle, and the next moment you’re staggering out of a car wreck after an unfortunate misjudgment of distance.

Embarrassment and the awkward atmosphere with the sales representative aside, a more serious, down-to-earth question comes into play: so, what happens next after you’ve crashed in a test drive?

Well, the driver has to take responsibility for the accident, which goes without saying and make the necessary police report and allow for the dealership to claim their insurance, assuming that they have insurance and if they do not, then things may get tricky. Very tricky.

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