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The Little Ways Honda Succeeded with the CR-V

It’s quite tough when people ask us for suggestions. Most of the cars on sale today are actually pretty well put together. In fact, in the mid-sized Japanese SUV segment, there really are no losing horses to bet on. They’re all good at something. So, how does Honda succeed at keeping the CR-V so relevant? By making it bigger and more comfortable than its competition? By giving it a downsized turbocharged engine? By offering Honda Sensing as an alternative to all-wheel drive at the top end?

Well, all this and more, actually. We’ve driven the CR-V on at least 3 different occasions. The first, over a year ago, when Honda Malaysia took us to Johor for the initial media test drive. Next was when we were judging our 2018 VOTY Awards. Over Deepavali, they were also kind enough to loan us a car for our ‘balik kampung’ travels.

What we rediscovered was the little things the CR-V did right. So instead of the standard cabin and exterior shots, here’s a close-up of the things owners will enjoy.

1) 7″ infotainment system with reverse

Just like in the Civic, this touchscreen display unit is the right size and equipped for just about anything. Its design and user-interface is professional, neat and customisable. Definitely one of the best in the business.

2) Ports everywhere

We all carry around smartphones. Some of us even have a tablet or portable camera with us for work. The CR-V has 2 USBs in the front, but 2 more in the rear. You’ll also find a power socket and HDMI ports in the centre console. Honda has also given each a solid plastic cover with easy-to-read labels. Very professional-looking.

3) Versatile central storage

Somethings should be left perfected by the carmaker. Other things are better left customisable by the end-user. With storage, an individual touch is definitely needed. Even in the short time I had the car, I was able to utilise it in a variety of ways.

Storing my tablet, wallet and headphones when headed to a cafe for some writing

With the assembly ajar for easy access to my SmartTAG and parking pass

In its default configuration for covered storage and a small tray

4) More useful storage

More storage is always better, especially for items frequently used during travel.

6) One-Touch systems

Having the car unlock by simply gripping the door handle is one of the nicest touches of modern car ownership. You can even lock it by touching the ridged surface on the top of the handle.

Honda’s system is completely capacitive, requiring no pressure at all.

You can even tumble the 2nd row of seats from the boot with one pull of a lever.

Adjusting the volume on the steering wheel can be done by clicking buttons, or scrolling your finger across the ridged surface

7) The right mix of digital and analogue

If you don’t like using the screen to adjust the air cond, there are buttons and knobs for you

The Fuel and oil temperature levels are creatively displayed with LEDs, while other information is shown on-screen

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