Why Subaru Insists On the Boxer Engine


Published on November 10th, 2018 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Why Subaru Insists On the Boxer Engine

The internal combustion engine comes in a variety of configurations. Most of us are familiar with the V12 and V10 engines in supercars, but the average driver usually finds himself in a car with an inline-4 engine. Inline-4 engines are practical, inexpensive and easy to package for both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants. That’s why you find these engines in almost everything from the cheapest sedan to the most sophisticated German luxury saloon today.

But only two manufacturers today produce boxer engines, and only one of those two put boxer engines in mass market vehicles. We’re talking of course, about Subaru.

Boxer engines are one of Subaru’s core technologies. They’ve been perfecting these types of engines over the last few decades. But why go through all the hassle? What’s the point of doing things differently?

Well, boxer engines have many advantages that make them technically superior to inline-4 engines. Where inline engines are tall and narrow, boxer engines are wide and flat. This immediately confers the car the benefit of greater stability, as the centre of gravity can be kept lower.

The other advantage comes from the boxer engine’s better balance compared to both inline and ‘V’ styled engines. In a boxer engine, there are 2 pistons facing one way and another two facing the direct opposite direction. This helps resolve a lot of the balance issues, resulting in a buttery smooth engine.

Subaru’s emphasis on greater driving pleasure through mechanical superiority comes from them doing things their own way. The boxer engine is one of the most important aspects of every modern Subaru and now you know why.

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