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Should the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe have been called ‘CLGT’?

I’ve been putting together a series of nomenclature articles over the last few months. I’ve kept the best for last (BMW and Mercedes-Benz).

While researching and writing the one about Mercedes-Benz, I came across a bit of an oddity. This was the 2014 ‘plan’ for the brand’s revised nomenclature:

Everything fits quite nicely. At the time, there was no AMG GT. And a few months after this was released, the AMG GT came about in its 2-door coupe form.

However, this year, we got a 4-door version of the GT. They’ve come to call it the ‘Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe’. Looking at the nomenclature guide though, perhaps its proper name should have been ‘Mercedes-AMG CLGT’?

Points for ‘CLGT’:

  • it works perfectly with the nomenclature
  • it’s easier to write down, taking less space on paper and sheet metal
  • it’ll prevent the need to further revise the nomenclature in the coming years

Points against ‘CLGT’:

  • it sounds and looks weird
  • four letters in a model name is not something Mercedes do
  • it may have conflicts with variants of the GT (the GT C, for example)
  • the nomenclature doesn’t need to apply so strictly with Mercedes-AMG or Mercedes-Maybach subbrands

After considering these points, I suppose ‘GT 4-Door Coupe’ makes more sense. But what do you think?

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