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BMW Group Malaysia’s Easy Drive Programme Explained

BMW Group Malaysia is trying to make it easier for you to get into the habit of changing your car every 3-4 years. Their press material did mention MINI and there was a photo of a BMW Motorrad vehicle but my guess is this programme will be limited to BMW and MINI cars only.

BMW Motorrad Easy Drive

To that end, they’ve developed this new programme called Easy Drive. Here’s how it works:

Decide on your down payment size (10%-30%), loan tenure (3-4 years), and annual mileage limit (20,000-25,000km).

MINI Easy Drive

These 3 factors decide how much your monthly instalment and your car’s Guaranteed Future Value. The Guaranteed Future Value also serves as the value for the final payment.

BMW Easy Drive - 1

When your tenure ends, you can either:
(a) Trade in the car, and upgrade to another BMW or MINI
(b) Return the car with no further obligations
(c) Settle the final payment and own the car
(d) Extend the contract term, and continue using the car

Add at least another RM110 a month and you’ll get access to Easy Drive Prime. This programme gives you a few value-added benefits including:
(a) 2 years of interior and exterior car care
(b) ‘Ultimate Protection Programme Elite’ (A special Driver & Vehicle Insurance Package from Allianz)
(c) Premium Mobility Package
(d) branded Smart tag device
(e) branded TnG card
(f) BMW Lifestyle Collection Goodies

BMW Easy Drive Insurance

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