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Here Are the Changes Brought in the Jaguar XE Facelift Model

Just last week, we got news that the Jaguar XE got its mid-cycle facelift. Most car companies do this halfway through the model’s lifespan. The ‘XE’ model is actually relatively new to Jaguar car’s stable.

Jaguar XE Facelift in two different trims

They only introduced it in 2015 to compete against the Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3-Series. It also serves as a replacement to the X-Type. Here’s another fun fact, it also brought Jaguar’s nomenclature into order, but we’ll have an article on that up shortly.

This facelifted 2020 XE brings it up to spec against other compact executives in the segment. If you’re curious to see just how it looks next to the original 2015 XE, here’s a video from Jaguar themselves:

You’ll note the interior takes a bit of a step backwards. They’ve replaced their fascinating but problematic self-raising gear selector with a traditional selector.

Jaguar XE facelift interior comparison

Everything else looks like forward progress though. We can’t wait to see how the car drives and feels in the metal.

We’ve also compiled additional videos from Jaguar about their new XE.

This one serves as a guide to all the XE’s new features and changes:

Another one on the car’s features and benefits:

This is about the new interior design:

Here’s one about its exterior design:

And one on the Jaguar XE’s in-car technology:

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