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Published on March 24th, 2019 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Don’t waste money on fuel saving devices for your new car

Fuel Savings Devices Really Make No Sense At All

In a study conducted 3 years ago inMalaysia, it was found that 68% of drivers believe warming up their enginebefore setting off will make them more fuel efficient, while 64% think fillingup at night when it is cooler does the same trick. Similarly, many driversthink they conserve fuel when they keep the engine running to avoid restarts(53%, frequently change gears up and down (53%), and drive slowly all the time(42%). Shockingly, over a third (35%) even believe ‘burping’ their cars torelease air pockets in the tank will help them save fuel.

So let’s look at the many ‘promises’ thatare made to us motorists to save fuel and let’s tally up the total.

  1. Using our lubricant will saveup 5% of fuel
  2. Using our all new nanotechnology fuel will save you 5% of fuel
  3. Using our latest design of tirewill save you 5% of fuel
  4. Using our magnetic fuel saverwill save you 10% of fuel
  5. Using our economizer plug willsave you 10% of fuel
  6. Using our fuel tablets willsave you 15% of fuel

If we were to buy all the above mentionedproducts and install, pour and drop into our vehicle, we will be saving a totalof 50% of fuel.

Now add to that, the use of high qualityfuel, new tires and high quality lubricant and you could be saving a total of 65%of fuel.

Who needs a hybrid car or even a new car,just buy all the products on sale that promise to deliver better mileage.

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