Published on March 10th, 2019 | by Amirul Mukminin


Hyundai NEXO FCV to appear at Smart Mobility Summit

Hyundai is set to display the technologically-advanced NEXO fuel cell SUV at the 2019 Smart Mobility Summit. This is the NEXO’s first appearance in the state of Texas.

The NEXO Blue model boasts an estimated range of 612 km (185 more km than the Tucson Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle), while the Limited Trim has an estimated range of 570 km.

As for fuel consumption, the Blue models have estimated km/l of 27.6 city, 24.7 highway and 25.9 combined, while the Limited models have an estimated range of km/l of 25 city, 23 highway and 24.2 combined.

NEXO refueling time can be achieved in as little as five minutes, allowing a consumer lifestyle very similar to a comparable gasoline-powered SUV in terms of both range and refueling speed.

It also uses a number of ecological materials in its construction, including soybean- oil based polyurethane paint, bamboo-thread-based bio fabric, along with bio-plastic and bio-carpet extracted from sugar cane. Bio-based materials were applied to 47 different parts and reduced CO2 emissions by 11.7 kg. during the manufacturing process.

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