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10 Facts about The McLaren Senna GTR

McLaren have been releasing hit after hit, each ‘fully-fledged track machine’ more ‘uncompromising than the last. Well, they’ve done it again, this time with the Senna GTR.

They first debuted a concept version of the car a year ago and have been testing it ever since.

McLaren make quite a lot of cars nowadays and their nomenclature is a bit messy so it’s easy to get confused. To give you a sense of what exactly the Senna GTR is, you need to look back at the only 2 McLarens that matter: the F1 GTR and the P1 GTR.



This Senna GTR is basically a successor to those models. Now that you get what it is, here are some interesting facts about it:

1) At 250km/h, it generates more than 1000kg of aerodynamic downforce
2) It inherits suspension from McLaren’s GT3 race programme
3) Only 75 units will be made and they’ve all already been allocated to owners
4) Each costs £1.1 million before taxes
5) Each unit has its own unique details (paint and liveries) from McLaren Special Operations
6) The 4-litre twin turbochargerd V8 produces 814hp vs 789hp on the regular Senna
7) It’s also 10 kilogrammes lighter than the regular Senna
8) At 694PS-per-tonne, the Senna GTR has the best power-to-weight ratio of any McLaren
9) A pit-to-car radio, forward-facing and cabin-facing cameras, buttons for launch control, pit lane speed control and light rain dynamics are some of the track-ready equipment of the Senna GTR
10) The Senna GTR is only being made in LHD configuration

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