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Have you heard of the MULA app?

The Malaysian public transport industry isstriving to meet the recent regulatory demand and expectation from governmentwho is focusing on safety and comfort level of both the passengers and driversalike. MULA, a locally owned E-hailing App have from day one been workingclosely with government agencies to ensure that MULA Apps meets and exceeds thesafety expectation for both driver and passenger who using the apps. 

MULA App unique selling points


Being in the forefront of safety, MULA wasthe first e-hailing app which pioneered the in-app “MULA PINK” function whichallow female passenger’s booking should they choose it to be received only byfemale driver. This unique feature is to ensure the safety of female passengerwhilst aiding in elevating the income potential of MULA’s female drivers.

To add on, all MULA passenger and driverapp since its inception feature an SOS feature which allows either driver andpassenger to trigger it via in apps SOS button during emergency situation. Allthe SOS trigger will be handled by an independent security company 24 hourswith necessary GPS record will be provided by MULA if needed as well. Theindependent security company has branches nationwide to cater to and despatchsecurity personal to the SOS location if required.

MULA’s Book on Behalf feature, wassomething that received good response from the government bodies, more so thatthis feature is now made compulsory to all other e-hailing app in Malaysia.With this feature, passengers are allowed to make a booking on behalf ofothers, such as their parents or children who are not familiar with the ins andouts of modern apps. Basic information of passenger such as Name and Telephonenumber is required during booking to ensure the safeness of all parties.

Furthermore, with MULA’s Pre-Book function,passenger is now able to make a ride booking up to a week in advance. This isto ensure passengers are able to secure driver to pick them up especiallyduring peak hours where the demand is at an all-time high.

Moving forward, MULA would be soon launchinga special lower commission scheme of only 5% for drivers with disabilitycompared to the usual 10% for the rest of driver. To all drivers interested,don’t miss out on MULA’s 10% commission as it is one of the lowest in marketgiven the government’s 20% maximum commission cap to all E-Hailing Operators inMalaysia. 

To all that’s interested in trying out ordriving for MULA, you may visit their official website at for all the information tounderstand further on features of apps or call their customer service personalat +604-3139060 (Penang & Johor), +6012-2988302/+6012-2988732 (KualaLumpur). MULA’s  App is available to bedownloaded from both Apple or Google Store.

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