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Alfa Romeo GTV Coming In 2021

Last year, Alfa Romeo and its parent FCA announcedthe return of the GTV sports coupe. In the meantime, an internet leak gives usa first glimpse of the bodywork of the new GTV.

With the support of a hybrid electric motor, this new Alfa sports coupe will be able to deliver a healthy 600hp via the 2.9L twin-turbo V6 first used in the Giluia Quadrifoglio, which in itself is already delivering a healthy 505hp.

Fitted in the GTV its power output willclimb to sensational 530hp thanks to the presence of the electric motor. Addedto that will be short-duration electric power to bring the total up to orbeyond 600hp putting it in supercar territory right next to the Audi RS5 andthe BMW M4.

This picture was shared by an Italian website and looks like the final production car

Alfa Romeo is working on its total modelrange. At the Geneva Motor Show last March, the Italian manufacturer introducedthe Tonale concept , a compact SUV with a plug-in hybrid engine. But Alfistilook forward to the return of the GTV, which will be marketed in 2021.

The new GTV will arrive at Alfa’s busiestperiod as the brand revives their image and product range for 2021.

Alfa has big plans for the coming yearsstaring with plans to introduce long-wheelbase versions of the Giulia andStelvio, the Tonale compact SUV, a further SUV even larger than the Stelvio,and a reimagined 8C supercar over the next few years. This new picture does notshow the whole car, only its sexy rear end.

AlfaRomeo GTV Specifications

Launching: 2021

Bodywork: four-seater coupe

Powertrain: 2.9 V6 (Giulia Quadrifoglio)with hybrid support

Power: +600 hp

Transmission: four-wheel drive (with torquevectorization)

Weight distribution: 50/50

AlfaRomeo GTV History

The original GTV appeared on the market in 1976, which was designed by the prestigious house of Giugiaro . On the basis of the trimmed Alfetta, it was initially driven by a turbocharged 2.0-liter 150bhp engine. In 1980 it was updated, also premiering its sporty sibling, the GTV6 with 2.5 V6 engine of 158hp .

This Alfa GTV was discontinued in 1986, butthen some 8 years later it returned in 1994 and returning the GTV was thenbased on a Fiat front wheel drive platform with a spider with coupe variant.Its top version was a 3.2-liter V6 with a ready 240hp. The Alfa Brera can beconsidered as its successor.

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