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Land Rover Wins Case Against Chinese Evoque Copy Cat

Land Rover has won a legal battle against Chinese manufacturer Jiangling Motors. Land Rover has since 2014 accused the manufacturer of outright copying the design of its popular Range Rover Evoque model.

Last week a Beijing court ordered a stop to production of Jiangling’s Landwind X7 and that Land Rover be compensated.

Yes, the Evoque has already been replaced by a 2nd generation model, but the court’s decision is an important one. That’s because this is the first time a Chinese court has ruled in favour of a foreign carmaker in claims against a domestic producer. Land Rover is also seeking a relatively small amount in cost and damages but Jiangling Motors has about a week to appeal the case should they wish to.

This small victory was hard fought and well deserved by Land Rover. extremely tough times for the company. Again, a 2nd generation model is already on its way. In China it will (tentatively) be launched sometime this month. If the Chinese buying public take offence at the result of this legal battle, it could cost Land Rover dearly.

Simplified Timeline:

January 2008: Land Rover debuts LRX Concept

April 2011: Land Rover debuts Range Rover Evoque

November 2014: Jiangling Motor shows the Landwind X7 at the Guangzhou Auto Show. Ian Callum tweets photos and notes design similarities

Early 2015: Jaguar Land Rover’s complaints dismissed by Chinese courts

April 2016: Land Rover’s Chinese design patent for the Evoque declared invalid because car was unveiled much earlier

May 2016: Jiangling’s design patent annulled as it bore too much of a similarity to Land Rover’s.

June 2016: Land Rover sues Jiangling in Beijing court for unfair competition and copyright infringement.

March 2019: Beijing court rules in favour of Land Rover. 5 design similarities noted: the shape of tapering glasshouse, tail lights, and character lines amongst them.

April 2019: Tentative launch of 2nd generation Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

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