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Time To Leave The Chauffeur At Home

What do you do when you already have a few luxury cars in your garage and boredom has kicked in every time you go into your garage to pick a ride for the day. Well, you need a new ride that carries the prestige that shows your bank balance and has the ability to entertain you when you are behind the wheel.

quiet elegance

This is why Rolls Royce developed a newline up of luxury motors to sit alongside their current range.

The lineup is called Black Badge and we aresure many of reading this have never heard if it.

Black Badge was created to satisfyoverwhelming demand from a new breed of Rolls-Royce owners and we think itshould be nick named ‘Dark Knight’ instead.

The Black Badge range stands as the most luxurious performance vehicle on sale. This is a new and darker sensual dimension of the luxury found in every Rolls Royce through its suite of Black Badge engineering and design treatments.

The Rolls-Royce Black Badge is presented ina deeply intense shade of black. Multiple layers of paint and lacquer have beenfastidiously applied and hand-polished in a process that amounts to the mostexhaustive painting and polishing process ever used for a solid paint colour.

In creating Black Badge, Rolls-Royce’sBespoke designers have sought to create true signifiers of this more assertivealter-ego for the marque.

Now the Spirit of Ecstasy and the iconicDouble R lead the way once more as Rolls-Royce enters the alternative realityof ‘Black Badge’. On the surface of it, both Ghost Black Badge and Wraith BlackBadge go through a very similar transformation.

The transformation begins with the ‘FlyingLady’ who changes neither in design, posture nor material, but in colour torepresent the owner’s dark obsession. She mutates into a high-gloss black vamp,proudly scything through the night-time cityscape. The transformation pervadesthe other iconic symbols of the Ghost Black Badge and Wraith Black Badge. TheDouble R badge on the prow, flanks and aft of every Black Badge motor carinvert to become silver on black, whilst chrome surfaces such as the frontgrille surround, boot lid finisher, lower air inlet finisher and exhaust pipes,turn dark.

The power of Black Badge communicatesitself into the ground through new composite carbon fibre and lightweight alloywheels unique to each Ghost Black Badge and Wraith Black Badge commissioned.Developed by Rolls-Royce over four years, the new wheels feature 22 layers ofcarbon fibre laid in three axes, and folded back on themselves at the outeredges of the wheel rim to provide 44 layers of strength. Further strength isadded via the 3D forged, aircraft-grade, aluminium hub which is bonded to therim using aerospace strength titanium fasteners.

Already the most powerful Rolls-Royce inthe world at 623hp, Wraith has always been the most driver-focused car inRolls-Royce’s model range. However, understanding how driven this new breed ofcustomer is and their wish to push the boundaries of life, Rolls-Royce’sengineering team worked painstakingly to give this most phenomenal fastback coupéa uniquely discernible extra edge.

By combining an extra wave of torque(+70Nm) with the already existing high power output, a completely redesignedair-suspension set up, new drive shafts and uprated 8-speed transmission,Rolls-Royce has produced an even more driver-focused, agile Wraith, while atthe same time preserving the intrinsic elements of the effortless Rolls-RoyceMagic Carpet Ride.

Again, upgrades to the 8-speed automatictransmission injects a level of added urgency in how Wraith Black Badgedelivers its power.

Now that you know this, it is time to visityour Rolls Royce dealer, Quill and get a quote for your very own dark knight.

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